Click Fraud is the Reason Why 
I Stopped Using Adwords

Knee deep in traffic but no conversions?
Oh, boy it sucks to put it this way but you might be having an outmoded software.
Or you’ve just become a victim of click fraud, and you don’t even know have a clue about it.
Don’t ask if you need a click fraud detection for your enterprise, because yeah - you do.
Actually, it’s probably the best thing you can do to your Adwords advertising - make sure that you’re selling to the 
ones who can pay for the product and eliminate those who can’t and repeatedly click on your ad for you to lose 
your entire advertising budget.
Click fraud is ugly, and unfortunately, we have to deal with it, because once we forget about it - it kindly reminds 
of its existence.
Just take your time to make sure that you are fit in the right spot concerning the demand for your product and the 
number of competitors in your niche. If you can find a balance between these two essential things - you might 
develop even a brighter foundation for your enterprise as a whole.

To keep your business running as smooth as possible you need to keep your software regularly updated or have 
an automated solution that allows you to monitor your progress live and make adjustments according to your plan. 
If your shenanigans are not going to bring any substantial value to your enterprise, you might become irrelevant in 
a matter of days and just fall off the race for a top ranking spot for long.
If you were running one of your first Adwords campaigns recently and found out that somehow your entire budget 
got depleted in a matter of hours; all fine with traffic, but there are simply zero conversions - then you may have 
been a victim of a click fraud attack.
Click fraud is not a new kind of threat for online marketers all over the world but if you haven’t heard of it - then it’s 
time to get acquainted with this menace to your PPC advertising.
Even if your campaign went well, you’re still not safe from it unless you invest into the software that allows you 
to run advanced analysis and indicate the click bots and deny their attempts at clicking on your ads and entering 
your website.
Beneath every successful retailer there advanced analytical tools that give him all the data to work with and 
determine the next step for his marketing crew to implement that would bring the best result to his company.
But don’t be in a panic when you see a bot since not all of the bots are trying to steal your traffic. Some of the 
bots are making your website rate on the scale with others, and they will analyze your website to find keys that will 
put your website up or down on the SERP.

Recently I’ve heard rumors that click bots have evolved and now not every software can indicate them and tell the 
difference between a bot and a human user. The creators of bots tend to abuse mixing partial human interaction 
with repeatable bot visits, and it makes a task of identifying threat much harder than ever.

To remain competitive with the marketing strategy you need to correlate your course to be the most potent for your 
as a retailer and for your customers to understand the value behind your offer from a fast glance.
If your commitment to the cause is going to appear much more futile than any of your competitor’s you can 
severely damage your reputation and increase your chances of diminishing returns.

You can simply make additional changes to increase your consistency as a retailer and advertiser.
If your chances of making conversions are going to melt and you are going to suffer a decrease in traffic, it might 
get inside of your brain, and you can get frustrated pretty easy.
If you feel that it’s necessary to pull something unexpected to increase your conversions - then it might be a good 
idea, since positively surprising your potential customers can go a long way towards making them your loyal 
If you uncover that it’s reacting to a negative experience that can put your business in jeopardy, you should cancel 
it right away to preserve further damage that is already done to you by click fraud.

The efficiency of click fraud is determined by the awareness of Adwords users, and the more we find out about 
how to deal with it - click fraud is going to become less of an issue to us.
Increasing your number of traffic and impressions might not necessarily result in great sales, but there’s a great 
possibility that it will reflect positively on your marketing campaign letting you work with a much greater number 
of marketing data and have more evident click fraud examples to know your enemy in the face.
Building your advertising strategy might be a hardcore task to implement, but once you know your target audience, 
this task can become a lot simpler to do then you might think initially.
Don’t be afraid to change your course of action if you notice that it underperforms your plan or your product offer 
changes even in little details. A new look for an old offer can play a huge role in increasing its visibility for potential 
customers. But don’t sleep on click fraud bots and be alert on their actions with the most advanced analytic 
software available for your enterprise.
I’ve lost a significant amount of money to bots, and my company has gone bankrupt as a result. But your business 
and you, in particular, do not need to repeat my experience because there is a software that can protect your 
Adwords campaign and make sure that you get the attention your product deserves without any fraudulent 
schemes involved.

If your decisions are going to be underappreciated by your target audience, you might as well hire a consultant 
agency to help you out in designing a better representation of your campaign.
Consulting is a pretty expensive and luxurious endeavor indeed, but it can pay off immensely by preserving you 
from wrong moves and decreasing your risks of making stupid mistakes, especially if you’re just starting out in  
In fact, there is just so much to learn in Adwords and PPC advertising, that I would suggest having at least one 
additional head to ponder about your stuff any given day no matter how it would cost me. Because if you think that 
you will do fine all by yourself, and you will fail - it will cost much more to recuperate from your failures then to 
invest in timely advice.
You just have to match the level of commitment from your competitors at least and even over exceed some of the 
expectation from your potential customers to be able to win them as clients.
There is simply no other way around it - you either get them what they want or they will look for another place 
to find it.Shake off your fears and make your stand be felt by your audience!